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[wptabtitle]CME®[/wptabtitle] [wptabcontent]CME® Head Office is located in Chile, at the east of the capital city of Santiago, towards the mountain, in the quiet and pleasant neighbourhood of Las Condes.

We provide parents and professionals with a psychomotor therapy approach to help their children and patients affected by developmental motor delay to achieve their full potential, promoting the recovery of the child’s motor functions.

CME® therapy helps children every day to achieve their full potential, providing consistent and high quality therapy with proven results.

The CME® International Center staff:

Ramón Cuevas, Kinesiologist, CME® Master and creator of the CME® Therapy.

Alexis Cuevas, Psychologist, CME® Instructor Level IV.

Claudia Undurraga, Publicist, CME® Appointments and logistic coordinator.[/wptabcontent]