The Cuevas Medek Exercises Continuing Education Program® was conceived by Ramón Cuevas to enhance the quality of CME® therapy teaching since the year 2000.

Starting from that year Ramón reorganized the teaching team with new highly ethical assistants which accepted and supported from the beginning the evolution of the name of the therapy from the former MEDEK® to the current CME® therapy which stands for Cuevas Medek Exercises®.

The unique goal of CMECEP® is to provide the opportunity for physical, occupational therapists and infant psychologists to progressively learn the state-of-the-art current curriculum of this motor therapy approach for pediatric rehabilitation.

The Cuevas Medek Exercises® therapy continuing education program is integrated by three levels of learning:

Level one:
Introductory course or CME® I
Level two:
Intermediate course or CME® II
Level three:
Advanced course or CME® III

If you want to be a certified Cuevas Medek Exercises® therapist, please contact Ramón Cuevas via

If you want to be a certified Cuevas Medek Exercises® therapist, please contact Ramón Cuevas via


CME® introductory course or “CME® I” is open to physical therapists, occupational therapists and psychologists, special preference is given to those working in the pediatric rehabilitation field.

The contents of the course are:

– Beginnings and evolution of CME® therapy.
– Theoretical principles and core concepts of this therapy.
– Learning the CME® therapy assessment format and protocol.
– Learning 42 exercises ranging from head to gait control including the basic activities using – the CME® therapy set of boxes.

The duration of the CME® I course is of 4 days.


CME® Therapy intermediate course or “CME® II” is available only for the CME® I graduates with a minimum experience of 8 months working with this new therapy.

The contents of the course are:

– Review the theory and principles from the perspective of 8 or more months of practicing
CME® therapy.
– Practicum learning of 50 new exercises.

The CME® II course duration is of 5 days, 4 for the curricular contents and the fifth day for reviewing all of the CME® therapy with a case chosen by the participants, assistance being voluntary. This course is also available as a tutorial modality where the participant does a 6 day stage with Ramón Cuevas.


CME® Therapy advanced course or “CME® III” is open only to CME® II graduates with two or more years of experience in using CME® therapy in their daily practice.

This course immerses the participants in more complex biomechanical exercises in which the amount of energy and dexterity required is the maximum. Also, the therapists are confronted with the most challenging cases determined by the age, weight and functional condition of any given child.

CME® III, is given only under tutorial mode, which consists of “one on one” basis internship with Ramón Cuevas (CME® physical therapy creator) and Alexis Cuevas CME® V, in which the participant needs to learn 150 new CME® physical therapy exercises.

Prior to taking the course, a questionnaire should be filled out by the participants at least 4 months before the practicum in order to ensure that the CME® II graduate has already completely mastered the core concepts of the physical therapy. After reviewing the questionnaire, the applicant will receive the “CME® III” manual containing 150 new physical therapy exercises.

The manual contains all the necessary instructions which will allow the candidate to perform each exercise with his / her clients. Participants are allowed to apply for the internship whenever they feel ready to pass the interactive examination. The dates and location for the final examination will be arranged on agreement between Ramón Cuevas and the CME® II graduate candidate.

During the interactive examination period, the candidate will receive all the necessary input to reach the highest quality performance in the use of the 150 CME® therapy exercises. This period can last 5 to 10 days according to the needs of each candidate, and includes a minimum of 6 hours per day.

To obtain the CME® III certification diploma, every participant should pass the practical examination. Only 100% perfect practical control of the 150 exercises will allow the therapist to receive the certification of excellence as a CME® III practitioner.

If the candidate does not meet the standards of quality for the CME® III level of practice, he /she will need to practice by himself/herself until being ready to pass a new practical examination after a period of at least 4 months, at no cost.