Set of Boxes

This special set of boxes must be used to apply CME® therapy as soon as the child becomes steady in standing position assisted by thighs. The boxes provide the therapist and parents all the functional biomechanic possibilities to stimulate all the spectrum of standing stability reactions and equilibrium responses.
The equipment is composed of:

Three boxes of the same mesures, one taller box, one square board, one cubic peg, and one long/narrow piece called balance bar.
With the CME® therapy set, the possibilities for children increases as they can be stimulated dynamically in order to provoke the standing posture stability, balance functions and gait control.

The set allows the therapist to apply the exercices in a total ergonomic and safe manner, because the execution of exercises is done always inside the range of the CME® therapist arms.

Treatment Table

The CME® treatment table is custom made for each therapist, being mandatory and necessary to do CME® therapy to children, from the basic head control exercises until they are able to maintain firm and steady standing position assisted at ankles level.