This website has been developed to promote the existence of CUEVAS MEDEK EXERCISES® therapy (CME®), former MEDEK® therapy.
The author does not intend by any means to instigate or suggest to the reader to use the assessment format following the inserted information, nor to use these exercises described in this website with any particular motor delayed child.

The reader must be aware that any child suffering motor delay will first need to be diagnosed by a physician, who should refer the child to the appropriate motor stimulation program.

Only therapists in possession of a CMECEP® registered certificate are allowed to apply CME® therapy.

There are no world wide MEDEK® CENTER approved branches, other than the Chilean Home office of Cuevas MEDEK® Exercises.

There are no approved Cuevas MEDEK® Exercises courses other than those offered by Ramón Cuevas through CME® Continuous Education Program (CMECEP®).

There are no approved CME® therapy instructors worldwide to run CME® courses without Ramon Cuevas participation.

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