Ephraim and Chana K.

A letter writen by parents from NY:

Dear Ramon,

We heard so much about you, but coming to see you in person was really such a special experience! To see the “Master” at his trade was really wonderful. Your warmth, your patience and your devotion are truly amazing. We can’t thank you enough fro your wonderful work with Tzvi and may God bless you to have many more long, happy and healthy years doing your special work.

You are excellent!!

Althea Kcesler

Letter by Althea Kcesler, mother of a child treated with CME® therapy in Toronto by a CME® I therapist (2003):

Dear Ramon:

I am writing to thank you for your ability to create and train therapist in the CME® therapy techniques.

Our son was born with Down syndrome and consistent with this diagnosis he has Hypotonia. He was born at 37 weeks gestation and had surgery when I was about two days old. After 3 weeks in hospital he came home and shortly after we started a physiotherapy program with him.

By the time he was about 9 months old, he was unable to hold his head up, being very frustrated and upset with this care we looked for help elsewhere. We were then introduced to your physical therapy and within a very short time our son was progressing. He had gained his head and trunk control and was able to sit-up by himself.

It has now been 8 months and our son has gained the ability to stand by himself for about a minute and walk with only support at ankles. He continues to grow stronger and develop new skills regularly. Also with your physical therapy we have been able to work on his fine motor skills as we are not have to wait so long for his gross motor skills to develop. This is truly amazing.

We were truly blessed when we were introduced to your CME® therapy. Our son has developed so well in such a short time. You have given us hope for our son and we will be forever grateful. It was an honour and pleasure to have met you in Toronto. We cannot thank you enough and wish you all the best.

With much gratitude and respect we remain.

Family R. London

Letter from a family from London:

We met Ramon Cuevas for the first time in June 2003 with our son P when he was 18 months old. At that time P was very delayed in is physical development. He was not able to crawl, sit properly or stand up, the only movements he could do were commando crawling and rolling. This was a result of having very low muscle tone and also global developmental delay.

He was getting physiotherapy once a week from a local therapist but this was having very little effect. Ramon Cuevas assessed him in the course of two session and gave us a program of CME® therapy which concentrate mainly on being able to sit up, stand up and crawl.

We did the exercises with him twice a day and after two weeks hi was already able to sit up from a lying position and a few weeks later he was also able to stand up when holding on to furniture. This motor development also improved his general development as he was now able to explore new areas.

We met with Ramon Cuevas many more times since then and every time there were significant developments, first being able to stand without holding to anything and slowly working on taking steps and improving his balance.

A year later in July 2004 he took his first steps alone during therapy sessions with Ramon Cuevas. It was in October of that year, when he was 2 years and 10 months. That he started walking alone around the house.

Thanks to the CME® therapy method our son is walking to day.


Letter from a family from NY:

To Ramon:

There are no words that could ever thank you enough for helping our son. We were truly blessed to have met you and CME®. Our son has a long hard road ahead, but at least he can walk there. When we first met, you told me “when he learns to walk the world will be open to him”.

I don’t think we would have come as far without you and CME®. You are always thought of with great love and admiration.
Yours truly

All the entire family and friends of H R.

Malka K.

Letter from a mother from Israel:

After being in search for four years for the right therapy for my daughter who was born with Hypotonia, I finally find Ramon Cuevas and his CME® technique. I was very discouraged by all the other therapies with which I had not seen any major improvement.

After a few weeks of CME® therapy given by Ramon Cuevas, which stimulates the brain, I saw in my child a major improvement and I couldn’t stop regretting I hadn’t found him before. It would have saved me a lot of heart ache.

My child mastered and improved all skills, and is catching up all her delays. I saw in this therapy created by Ramon Cuevas a logical based method which really proves it’s results.

Thank you Ramon!
Jerusalem, July 1996.


Letter from a mother of a child diagnosed with CP from Toronto:

The long journey to the first step

When he was seven moths old, we were told that our son Avromi had moderate to severe CP. This diagnosis was a shock! When we had left the neo-natal department where Avromi was for the first six weeks of his life, we were reassured that even though he was only three pounds, and born at 27 weeks of gestation, he was a perfectly healthy little boy.

We were bewildered. What was CP and how would it affect Avromi’s life?
A nurse at the Hospital for Sick Children tried to help us grasp how this level of CP would manifest itself. She entered the room sitting in a wheel chair, bent over sideways. We drove home in perfect silence with all the emotions that one can imagine, grief, anger, guilt, etc.

I realized I only had two options. One was to go on with life and accept this dreadful diagnosis, to learn to live with a very disable and disfunctioning little boy. The second choice was to recognize that we were my son’s only advocate. We would travel the world and look for something, someone, somewhere that would help us help Avromi be the most he could be.

I started with the regular NDT, went to on to Peto Conductive Education in Hungry, on to Craniosacral therapy at Apledger Institute in Palm Beach, Glenn Doman Centre in Philadelphia, etc., none on which I felt made much of a difference. I knew I could not try anything for more than 2 months because time was of the essence.

I travel to Caracas, Venezuela to meet Ramon Cuevas. It took three sessions with this skillful therapist to convince me that I have finally found a method that I was willing to stick with and that would help me.

CME® uncovers and maximizes any movement and energy that lies dormant within the child. This physical therapy, unlike any other, does not let the child to be passive. The child as no choice but to work hard with whatever power he has. He repeats these movements over and over again, until it becomes part of him.

Sure enough at first it is a frightening experience for the child to be put in positions which he has never been before.

This results in much crying and resistance to the physical therapy. Do not give up! For once the child starts feeling confident and begins trusting the very gentle and secure hands of Ramon Cuevas, he loves CME® since he can see and feel the progress itself. All Avromi’s progress was very, very slow, but steady. His first independent steps were an absolute miracle.

He is now seven years old and walks to school by himself where he is totally integrated. Avromi is aware of his limitations, and is constantly learning from Ramon Cuevas how to compensate for them. He can now walk up and down the stairs without holding on, he can walk up and down hills and sidewalks.

Avromi will probably not become a waiter or a sports player by profession; however, he can be a doctor, lawyer, professor or judge. He will be a wholesome, productive, extraordinary human being. CME® has instilled in him confidence and happy disposition that many non-handicapped children would envy.

He walks with his head up and heart uplifted. I would not like to even think where we would be to day without Ramon Cuevas and CME®. Any skeptical caregiver, and skeptical one should be, will question me and say what proof do I have that CME® made the difference. My answer to him is I don’t know, but I certainly would not want to have been without it and thank God every day I found CME®.

Lena and Josh G.

Letter from parents from Toronto:

Due to the trauma of birth and negligence of the hospital we were told our son has been affected somehow, however, they were unable to say the extend of the damage at that time. They never mentioned that there was a possibility of CP.

As parents we investigated every possible option. Our son has been through various therapy in Toronto. We were introduced to Cuevas Medek Exercise® therapy, however, for the sake of our son we knew, and through our investigation we had to go to Chile and give our son the benefit of CME® given by Ramon Cuevas the creator of CME® therapy.

When we arrived and finally met Ramon Cuevas we could not compare a therapist with such understanding and kindness as we have received.

Although our son just started CME® therapy he has shown great progress. We hope to continue working one on one with Ramon Cuevas, which in our eyes is a man that is truly an angel sent from above to help children such our son through the art of his therapy and the love of his hands.

Most of all his ongoing understanding kindness and love for the children he works with.

Santiago May 23, 2006


Letter from the mother of delayed 3 years old girl from Israel treated in Chile by Ramon Cuevas in 2003:

I came to Santiago with my 3 year old daughter, who was delayed in her development. We heard about the therapist Ramon Cuevas and his therapy CME®, from friends whose children were much more damaged than our daughter, not sitting, standing or walking, and with the therapy made unbelievable progress starting to walk, to talk etc.

The theory of Ramon Cuevas is at the same time revolutionary and as logic and simple as can be.

We are very thankful to Ramon Cuevas and hope that many people will find help through him.

Spira Family

Short words of appreciation from family from NY

Your super devotion for caring in such special manner is just superior. Simple words cannot express enough our appreciation. May you be blessed and always be able to help children get well.